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Our FLUM Blauweisschen dog cushion is absolutely trendy and is perfect for your terrace. Thanks to the water-repellent and hard-wearing softshell in an enchanting blue and white pattern, this pillow is fun for everyone. Lay in and feel good thanks to the soft fleece mix on the lying surface.

Please note that there may be color deviations between the monitor view and our dog pillows.

What size do i need?
If you are unsure about the size, we recommend ordering one size larger - or just send us a photo of your furry friend by email and we will be happy to advise you. Here you can find a guideline of the size based on the different races (measured from top star tip to tip):
S - approx. Ø 50 cm - suitable for Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terriers up to approx. 5 kg (approx. Ø 75 cm lower diameter)
M - approx. Ø 60 cm - suitable for cats, Pomeranian and Frenchie up to approx. 13 kg (approx. Ø 105 cm lower diameter)
L - approx. Ø 70 cm - suitable for Beagles, Jack Russels and Mini Aussies up to approx. 30 kg (approx. Ø 120 cm lower diameter)
XL - approx. Ø 90 cm - suitable for Aussies, Labrador and Golden Retrievers up to approx. 45 kg (approx. Ø 140 cm lower diameter)
XXL - approx. Ø 100 cm - suitable for Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound up to approx. 60 kg (approx. Ø 155 cm lower diameter)

Can you wash a FLUM dog pillow?

Of course, you can pull off the "cover" of our FLUMs and then clean them - depending on the material, e.g. in the hand wash program of the washing machine or at 30 degrees (mild detergent, without fabric softener). A corresponding care label is of course always sewn in. You can also find a video on YouTube showing how the FLUMs can be refilled very quickly. The FLUM is then best dried in the open air.
We only use high quality fabrics from all over the world. We only work with fair and sustainable partner companies that meet our high standards. Mainly artificial leather, cotton, softshell and fake fur are used.

What material are the filling cushions of our FLUMs made of?
Our filling cushions are filled with Polyster hollow fiber balls, which are tested according to OEKO-Tex and which meet the human-ecological requirements of Standard 100 (product class 1 for baby items). The outer materials are also regularly checked and certified.

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