Medical visco foam for the very best sleep

FLUM orthoMED dresses orthopedic sleeping comfort in an elegant garment. High-quality synthetic leather and luxurious click covers transform medical beds into exclusive interior pieces. State-of-the-art technology ensures relaxing pressure relief, FLUM provides the necessary style.

The latest technology from human medicine causes regenerative sleep. The lying surface made of cold foam and medical visco foam in sandwich construction adapts perfectly to the dog's body. This pressure relief has a direct effect on the entire musculoskeletal system. Ligaments, joints and muscles regenerate optimally during the rest phases.

Wonderfully changeable thanks to the innovative click cover

The style changes in no time. Magnets at the corners reliably fix the cover and at the same time allow it to be changed at lightning speed. Each cover can be used as a stand-alone dog blanket, for example for a trip to a restaurant or when traveling.

3 products

3 products