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Robust waffle cord in natural beige meets a blanket made of high-quality fake fur in cream. An orthopedic dog bed with memory effect for robust four-legged friends and nature-conscious two-legged friends, for chalets and country houses. The romance of wild adventures goes well with alpine cosiness as well as Nordic serenity.

Of course, we also conjure up your own individual design to perfectly match your home - all combinations of our designs from the shop are possible!

Wonderfully changeable thanks to the innovative click cover
The style changes in no time. Magnets at the corners reliably fix the cover and at the same time allow it to be changed at lightning speed. Each cover can be used as a stand-alone dog blanket, for example for a trip to a restaurant or when traveling.

What size do i need?
M - 70x50x15 cm - suitable for cats, Pomeranian and Frenchie
L - 90x60x15 cm - suitable for Beagles, Jack Russels and Mini Aussies
XL - 120x80x15 cm - suitable for Aussies, Labradors and Golden Retrievers

What material is the inlay of our FLUM orthoMED made of?
The latest technology from human medicine ensures regenerative sleep. The lying surface made of cold foam and medical visco foam in sandwich construction adapts perfectly to the dog's body. This pressure relief has a direct effect on the entire musculoskeletal system. Ligaments, joints and muscles regenerate optimally and reduce the risk of joint diseases. If four-legged friends already suffer from ailments, they develop a pain-relieving effect.
In addition, the inlay is protected by a waterproof layer that can be easily wiped off. It protects the mattress and can be wiped down and disinfected.

Can you wash a FLUM dog pillow?
The cover can be pulled off with the zipper and can be washed in the washing machine's hand wash program or at 30 degrees (mild detergent, without fabric softener). It is then best dried in the open air.

Please note that there may be color deviations between the monitor view and our dog pillows.

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